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GRRN's Snail Mail Address - (National Office)

GrassRoots Recycling Network
672 Robinson Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Where do I recycle/get bins for my...

Please go to Earth911, a national clearing house for information on whom to contact in your area about where to recycle what.

I'm selling/buying something...

All emails asking to sell or buy something are deleted. We do not sell plastic. We do not need catalogs of your products. We do not need your lists of thousands of victims to spam. Please take your requests and offers elsewhere.

Please endorse my product, my website, my cat...

Sorry for the inconvenience, but all requests to review, endorse or sample your product will be ignored. Please do not send samples or literature, as they will be recycled. We are any advocacy group, and cannot endorse, review or sample your specific product via letter/email of inquiry.

Link Exchanges, 'Web Positioners', 'Green Directories'...

All cybersquatting, auto-form-filling 'links-exchanges','website-positioners', 'green directories', - you know who you are... Even if you are being paid just to fill out forms on sites like ours - do not attempt to contact us. All such emails will be regarded as spam and summarily deleted. We can easily distinguish these from valid link requests.

Trademarks, Copyrights, etc.

Contact Chris Sparnicht.

To Donate over $500...

Contact Portia Sinnott, GRRN Program Director, or send a check made out to 'GRRN' and mail it to this address:
GrassRoots Recycling Network
672 Robinson Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Website Bugs, Suggestions...

We now have a 'Feedback' button at the bottom right of every page that you can use to tell us how we can improve the specific page you are visiting. If a link on the page is old, or you own the linked page and would prefer we redirected to a better page, please use this form. If you have additional links, please also use this form. It will get the fastest results. If your feedback is too unusual for this form, please follow the link below to contact the webmaster directly.

Contact Chris Sparnicht.

Federal, State & Local Waste Policy Questions...

Join GreenYes!

  • Questions or observations on recycling and wasting policies and practice, like: "Where can I find federal regulations on recycling of PET?"
  • You want to spread the news about your zero waste event, recycling activity or related press event.
  • You want to advertise a job opening. (Please include description and last day for resume submission.)
  • Please do not post your resume in GreenYes. The entire list is archived on the web. We'd rather your personal information remain private!
  • Please read our list netiquette before posting to Greenyes
  • Click here for information on how to join GreenYes.
    It's Free!
  • Click here for information on why you might not be able to post. Second faq from the top.

GRRN Contact List...

Rick Anthony   Rick Anthony
Board President

Portia Sinnott  

Portia Sinnott
Program Director

  Before you call, have you read the information at the top of this page? Thank you for your consideration...
Chris Sparnicht  

Chris Sparnicht
Web Administrator






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